Did you know that up to 40% of dementia can be prevented?

Dementia Prevention

Empowering You to actively participate in the Prevention of Dementia.
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Customized, science based dementia prevention action plan to guide you down a journey to better brain health.
Dementia Prevention - VitalOp Wellness
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Take Charge of Your Health!

YOU have the power and ability to help control YOUR brain health journey. Take actions now. Your choices today can make a profound impact on your brain health for the future.

The changes that occur in the brain that eventually lead to dementia start 10-30 years BEFORE symptoms appear. Waiting on symptoms to occur is too late for prevention.

TAKE CHARGE, STAY INFORMED, and join the empowering journey towards a dementia free future. START NOW.
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Dementia is not a specific disease, it is a general term for a decline in brain function that interferes with daily life. Dementia alters memory and thinking, making it difficult to perform familiar tasks.

Dementia can be broken into several types






Lewy Body




Dementia Prevention - VitalOp Wellness

Preventing Dementia

The VitalOp Dementia Prevention Plan focuses on the risk factors for the two main types of dementia: Alzheimer’s and Vascular.

Only about 1% of Alzheimer’s and Vascular dementia is directly caused by genetics or our DNA. 

This means our lifestyle and environment play a HUGE role in the other 99%.

The Dementia Prevention Journey

Click each item to see a video on the steps you can take to prevent dementia.
This plan is crafted in honor of John W. Martin and Honey H. Martin, as well as all individuals facing the challenges of dementia, along with those who compassionately care for them.

You can also access additional guidance and accountability tailored to your needs…

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Dementia Prevention - VitalOp Wellness

Dementia Prevention Plan

Complete the Dementia Prevention questionnaire in just 5 minutes!

If you have recent lab work, have your results ready to enter in the lab section. If you do not have lab work, that is ok. You will still get all the information about what labs are important for dementia prevention and why.

Make sure you know your waist circumference.

1. Stand up

2. Wrap a tape measure flat around the widest part of your stomach, which is usually across your belly button.

3. Breathe in gently and then take the measurement when you breathe out.

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