Favorite Things

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I use my Bella Pro Series 8qt just about daily.  I cook lean proteins and veggies In it.

I use almond flour for all my baking. Check out our amazing maintain health almond flour recipes in the app.

Favorite Things - VitalOp Wellness

ACV “with the mother”,  is a natural probiotic and contains antioxidants.  I make my homemade salad dressing with it.  It is great to take daily mixed with water.

I have the 36″ Pro Series.  There are many models to choose from.  I love this much better than a grill.  My favorite thing to cook on it is cauliflower fried rice.

Favorite Things - VitalOp Wellness

Available only with a prescription. Make sure your smartphone is compatible with this particular one. I used this and it was a great tool for identifying which foods increased my blood sugar and which did not. Watch our CGM-“You Need One” video for more information.

I use these as my tortillas all the time! They hold up very well and have several different kinds of cheese.

Heart healthy, anti-inflammatory, among other possible health benefits. I cook with It often.

Love my crockpot! Make sure you have one that automatically turns to warm like this one. BIG time saver for those busy days.

I use this glass holder for my homemade salad dressing. I sits beautifully on my kitchen counter.

Steam frozen or fresh veggies in minutes. Just add a little water and pop it into the microwave.

I love my healthy Green Life Pans. They have a ceramic nonstick coating that doesn’t release toxins. Super easy to wipe clean.

Great for a filler in between meals or a warm beverage on a cool day.

I love infusing my water with cucumber and fresh squeezed lime juice. I also will infuse mint or fruit.

Deodorant without all the junk in it. I use the cream. It works great, even in the South! Love that it is aluminum free.

I love these. There are so many things I use them for around the kitchen and they aren’t big and bulky.

This is perfect for making our chaffle recipes. I also use our chaffles for buns for my hamburgers. Quick and easy with no mess.

I use this in recipes where it calls for other sweeteners. Great for coffee or anything else you want to add a little sweetness to.

I love my mister. I can pour my high-quality olive oils into it instead of using the spray cans that contain chemicals I don’t want.

This is a delicious sugar-free seasoning I use on just about everything.

I love to use this mayo for my deviled eggs, chicken salad, tuna salad, and recipes.

Love my salads chopped and this makes it super easy!

Live probiotics. I love to add sauerkraut to my salads and even my scrambled eggs.

Two great sugar-free seasonings that can go on anything.

Getting good sleep is so important to your health. I love tracking my sleep. I always strive to have a high score so I have started going to bed a little earlier.

My easy-to-use step counter keeps me moving. I have two just in case I lose one.

Well, this is a staple on just about every table in every restaurant in Louisiana. I eat it on everything. Love it on my eggs!

Not just for salad. I use mine for all sorts of foods. I love to keep things separated.

I make my own dressing.  This is a simple way for me to take it with me wherever I go.  Check out our dressing recipes in the app.

Another staple in Louisiana. We use this on everything!